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Now is served over SSL. Next step is to remove the http site.

Swedish Veteran Championships 2011

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Please watch the video!

3rd at the Nordic Judo Masters

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LEGO Space Elevator

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Finally I found the time to start building Lego with Erik. The elevator belt (pink) was soon attached to the ceiling and we started building a climber. At first all our models had to much or not enough friction on the belt. We even tried to run with two battery boxes, so each motor would have it’s own power source. Our final design can be found in the video.

It is easier to be critical than correct

Perl::Critic can and should be used to greatly improve the quality of any Perl code. The only disadvantage of perl::Critic is that it provides no history. I will show how .SE (the Swedish country code top level domain registry) uses Perl::Critic to improve code quality and how we mitigated Perl::Critic’s disadvantage. Bonus: How to convince management to fund a Perl::Critic evaluation and improvement of your codebase. Here are the slides of my talk at YAPC::EU 2012.

Internet Defense League

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I joined today and so should you. Unfortunately many industries, politicians and other folk still don’t get the internet. They try to bend the internet to their old rules. We know that this wont work, but we have to be alert. Let’s defend an open internet.

IP version 6 on the 6th of the 6th

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As you might know june 6th (2012) was the IPv6 launch day. Many of the big internet names enabled IPv6 on their services. That is on their main sites, not on some obscure site. A few days ago I did enable IPv6 on my blog site and on launch day I eventually enabled IPv6 on my home network Valium Online. The most impressive thing is, that there is nothing to it. It just worked. I installed TomatoUSB (Toastman mod) […]

The future is here!

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Yesterday my website became IPv6 enabled. You can’t recognize any diffrence? Exactly, that is the beauty of it. It just works. And it will continue to work even on the day your ISP finally enables your internet access with IPv6. Join the movement.

Enlarging the house

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Today we have had another builder looking at our house. It seems  we will be expanding the house in summer. It looks really promising. I just need to figure out some more of the details of the Swedish regulations. Next move is to hire a “quality inspector”. We’ll see how that goes.

Flickr and YouTube

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Found some nice plugins for Flickr and YouTube. The  hardest part was to decide which one to choose. But I made it.  Go to the parachute page and see the results.